AFM Moves Forward in the Spirit of Unity & Leadership

October 1, 2013

New York, NY –AFM Delegates from across the US and Canada came together at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, July 22-25, for the 99th Convention of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

A presentation by the International Executive Board (IEB) and Directors, on the need for a proposed increase in per-capita dues increase, won over many skeptical convention delegates. This new financial package will raise approximately $1.2 million for the Federation annually, and will be used to bolster organizing and contract enforcement efforts, as well as augmenting services to Local officers and musicians.

International President Ray Hair was re-elected by acclamation. Hair has served as President of the AFM since August 2010. He has been a professional musician since 1964, performing as a freelance, club-date, recording, and traveling musician. Previously the President of AFM Local 72-147 for over 27 years, he was first elected to the AFM’s International Executive Board in 1989.

In a testament to this spirit of unity and leadership, all members of the International Executive Board were re-elected: Vice President Bruce Fife, Local 99 (Portland, OR); Secretary-Treasurer Sam Folio, Local 368 (Reno, NV); Vice President from Canada Alan Willaert, Local 149 (Toronto, ON); Tino Gagliardi, Local 802 (New York, NY); Tina Morrison, Local 105 (Spokane, WA); Joe Parente, Local 77 (Philadelphia, PA); Dave Pomeroy, Local 257 (Nashville, TN); Vince Trombetta, Local 47 (Los Angeles, CA).  John Acosta (Local 47) was elected to serve as the AFM delegate to the AFL-CIO Convention.

“I am honored to have been re-elected AFM International President,” states Hair. “These are exciting and challenging times for professional musicians. Our message of unity has resonated with the delegates.  We will look inward to harness the energy of our Executive Board and local officers to build a unity of purpose and a spirit of service for our members and for professional musicians everywhere.”

Additionally, the Delegates to the Convention donated an unprecedented $60,200 to Local 30-73 for their support of the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. In addition to the loss of work dues from two lost seasons, the Local has incurred crippling legal bills in negotiating for both orchestras during two lock-outs.