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UPDATES AS OF Winter 2010! Check out the sounds on: & Thank you for stopping by! This is the new exciting adventure in developing a web page to present a virtual "recital hall" for clarinettist Jane Wilson; currently located in Florida. Watch as we create, musically and digitally! NEW NEWS: -The VERY basic framework for the Website is up! Still updating! -Three new soundfiles can be auditioned at: -Mozart AdagioClarinet Concerto K622 - NEW 1-2010 Mozart Adagio with orchestra ( Beckett/arrg JS Wilson: "Simple Gifts" (Traditional Shaker Hymn) arrangement for: Oboe,Clarinet, Cello, Triangle -Rossini Clarinet Quartet made to explore the multi-track recording. -Virtual clarinet musicians performing, original composition: "Clarinet Chromatic Choirtet" * An ensemble etude in chromatics composed for students. * Intended for High School students * Listen for the sarcatic style including a musical 'raspberry' demonstrating a student's opinion on practicing the scale! NEXT Project: Acoustically, the clarinet is a complex instrument to record. Next, we will refinine recording methods specific to the clarinet to achieve a natural/true clarinet sound in the setting of digital recording based on lessons learned. Already hardware and techinques have been modified significantly. get to hear it as it happens! The motivation: Online musical audiences are growing and this is an expanding group of listeners. Also, the internet enhances a musician's audience base beyond a local audience. The goal for 2009:To expore music technology with the clarinet and use it to enhance the traditional performance modalities. Look for the future...this will be an exciting journey for us all! ONE STEP AT A TIME, ONE NOTE AT A TIME, ONE PHRASE OR EVEN A WEBSITE IS CREATED! About the Musician: Jane Wilson studied clarinet with Peter Hadcock, (Boston Symphony, author of;The Working Clarinettest"), Pasquale Cardillo (Boston Symphony), Jimmy Gilmore (NC Symphony), John Wiegand. She holds degrees from Boston University, University of NC-Chapel Hill, and University of South Florida. She has perfomed as principal clarinet with several local ensembles including the First Coast Opera, Ormand Beach Symphony, etc. She was featured in solo clarinet tracks, self composed "Ballad Without Words" and Deb Dyko's "Tabla Raza"for two CD's produced by Capal Productions (Jacksonville, FL). She is continuing these efforts by currently working on her own solo CD. She was awarded a Boston Music Center Grant and a Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission for clarinet performance. She recently gave up her "day job" and is concentrating on music, FINALLY! (Dreams can come true!) She is currently working in the studio, chamber music, orchestra/ensembles and working with high school band woodwind sections. She is an experienced freelancer. (She is ready with the A, Bb, C, Eb Sopranino and Alto clarinets.) Local 444, Jacksonville, FL maintains contact information!

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