Mechanical Soul

*From the placid serenity of the rain forest to the vibrant pulse of the Serengeti. *From the eerie chants of a distant mosque to the infectious beat of a metro dance club. *Mechanical Soul delivers this with a combination of the latest in music technology coupled with sensitive, skilled musicianship and a distinctive visual presence. *Each performance of this group is a unique musical journey. Driven by provocative original songs and real-time composition to provide a true sense of excitement and intrigue. With many unusual modern instruments, the ears are often fooled by what the eyes see. Questions always arise "What instrument is THAT?" "Where does the sound come from?" "Where do you find these instruments and who makes them?" This builds a unique bridge to our guests creating a strong memory of the event.* We have performed for top corporate clients at some of the most prestigious venues; adding elements of elegance and sophistication with a unique blend of multi-cultural influences and state-of-the-arts technology.

Audio Samples